Welcome to Che the Rich!

If you don’t know who Howard Zinn, David Cay Johnston, Paul Krugman, Alasdair Roberts, and Chris Hedges are, you soon will by reading here.

There is much wrong with the way our world is being run, and much that can be done to change it.  Let’s hope that you and I are up to the challenge.

Here is a little start (a recent review of Paul Krugman’s book) :  http://tinyurl.com/end-this-depression-now.

It’s a short reader review of Krugman’s book End This Depression Now, with publisher’s comments and a way to buy the book through Powell’s in Portland Oregon.

Powell’s, by the way, is one of  (if not the) premiere used-book stores in the world…  We can complain about the Big Bookstores putting the Little Guys out of business, but the way to fight the trend is by direct action – buy online from a local bookseller through Amazon.com.

Che the Rich!